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STEM Teacher | Write about my struggles in and out of the classroom

School districts will be scrambling to hire — and it will be the students’ education that suffers in the end

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When school districts are scrambling to hire teachers this fall and not finding anyone they will be forced to hire long term subs to fill in positions. This will ultimately hurt the education of the students. Can we blame the teachers for not wanting to come back? They have been told so many different stories and narratives over the past 8 months their heads are spinning. From virtual-teaching to hybrid-teaching to in-person teaching to some other form of teaching their districts make up on the fly. Teachers are tired, underpaid, and under appreciated. …

I needed some guidance

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I created this list mostly for personal reference. I am exploring the world of SEO and needed to compile a list from Medium contributors. This list is a compilation of some of the top articles on SEO and marketing on Medium from about the past five years. I think a few are a bit older. I think it is interesting to compare and contrast the approaches from 2016 to 2021. We get to see what has stuck around, what has proven to be effective, and what has been shelved (at least for now).

The List:

They are noticing these atrocities

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My students are in middle school and they catch the headlines. By now, most have seen the headlines as to what is going on in Palestine. I am not sure what to say to them. They ask me why don’t we do anything about this as the United States? How can I tell them that we are actually funding these human rights violations and terrorism?

I know there are some teachers out there with a strong approach to topics like these so I am really asking for help in this. How can we explain to these youth that our taxes…

How I was able to reach more people online — and share my passions with them: Gardening!

Screenshot from one of my Facebook pages I help manage

I love creating content on all things gardening. I have been digging around in the garden for about 7 years now and have been sharing content (pictures, infographics, videos, news, etc.) for about that same time. I share through social media and some websites (some I own and some I am helping with their content creation). I always enjoy seeing the feedback from viewers like “Wow! You’ve inspired me to start a community garden!” or “Now I feel more confident to start some seeds this year!” They really help inspire me and show me that I am doing more than…

Why can’t more countries do this?

Banff National Park. Alberta, Canada. Image via Joel Sartore

Each year in the USA, millions of animals are hit cars. ‘In the US, an estimated 1.25 million insurance claims are filed annually due to collisions with deer, elk, or moose, amounting to 1 out of 169 collision damage claims” (Wikipedia). Obviously I would love to see the US move away from a car-centered society but I don’t think that will be happening any time soon. So, why not make moves to better protect both drivers and wildlife? Sweden is doing just that. Am I missing out on making a good insurance pun here?

Why in Sweden?

Climate change. Simply put, climate change…

A new solar powered filter helps make this possible

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When I first saw this new filter I thought why not make them on a larger scale to clean up bodies of water? Just in my suburban area alone I can think of over one dozen places that could use this type of filter. And this is actually possible, according to its co-founder Rodney Priestley. “To me, the most exciting thing about this work is it can operate completely off-grid, at both large and small scales,” Priestley said. “It could also work in the developed world at sites where low-cost, non-powered water purification is needed.”( …

As we wrap up Black History Month, some authors to consider

Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

I first want to say that Black History is every day. It is not confined to one month. So, as we wrap up Black History Month I want to highlight some of the amazing authors I have encountered on Age of Awareness. As an author of Age of Awareness I get access to all of the works that are published in AoA. This has led me to come across these black authors whose work has stuck with me and really shaped my perspective(s).

I will try my best to highlight those that I have come across below. I also want…

Countries pushing unsafe policies for their teacher population

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

In many countries, we are seeing how not only the governments really view teachers but also the general population. While many still empathize with the teachers and their situation we have seen so many turn on teachers and force them back into unsafe teaching envrionments. For example, the recent CDC advice in the USA where they told teachers to open windows for ventalation.

Policies like this show that they are not listening to teachers and they are trying to make suggestions for teachers without ever being in a classroom or ever even asking teachers what will work. For those that…

I am surprised he waited 37 days to bomb Syria

Screenshot from Twitter

Biden is now the 3rd consecutive president to bomb Syria. Of course liberals are already making excuses for this attack. I just want to be clear in this beginning of this short article, we are illegally occupying Syria and Iraq. We are stealing oil from Syria right now. There is no excuse for this attack.

We are seeing now that the Biden administration can get millions in weapons contracts for Raytheon and bombs to Syria faster than they can get stimulus checks out to those in need and healthcare. During a PANDEMIC. This is heartless. Absolutely heartless. …

Edward West

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