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School districts will be scrambling to hire — and it will be the students’ education that suffers in the end

Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash

When school districts are scrambling to hire teachers this fall and not finding anyone they will be forced to hire long term subs to fill in positions. This will ultimately hurt the education of the students. Can we blame the teachers for not wanting to come back? They have been…

How I was able to reach more people online — and share my passions with them: Gardening!

Screenshot from one of my Facebook pages I help manage

I love creating content on all things gardening. I have been digging around in the garden for about 7 years now and have been sharing content (pictures, infographics, videos, news, etc.) for about that same time. I share through social media and some websites (some I own and some I…

Why can’t more countries do this?

Banff National Park. Alberta, Canada. Image via Joel Sartore

Each year in the USA, millions of animals are hit cars. ‘In the US, an estimated 1.25 million insurance claims are filed annually due to collisions with deer, elk, or moose, amounting to 1 out of 169 collision damage claims” (Wikipedia). Obviously I would love to see the US move…

Edward West

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