Here’s a Way to Stand up to the Trump Administration’s Attack on Nature

With these efforts you know that your donations will go to one cause, helping to protect nature

Link to campaign

Trump and his administration is pushing for a full blown attack on our natural world. From the Arctic to new pipelines across the mid-west, he is siding with the fossil fuel companies so they can expand their profits. We need to work to stop these attacks, from the top-down and from the bottom-up. Collective Conservation is managed by a dedicated team of volunteers who realize how destructive these attacks are.

The goal of this campaign is simple: plant a tree in 2018 or donate to the efforts. They want to encourage everyone to participate in these environmental efforts. We can all do our part.

Donating to non-profits and organization can be a scary thing. Where does your donation go? Is it just funding the inflated salaries of the CEOs? With these efforts you don’t need to worry about. Collective Conservation is run by all volunteers and cuts out those useless expenses. 100% of donations go to what you want, protecting nature.


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