If a US Student Gets Coronavirus Schools Across Entire Regions will Shutdown

No school wants to be THE school that has the first sick child

Japan has recently shut down all schools for the next few weeks due to the coronavirus. Schools in the US could never pull off such an overarching decision. Schools in the US are ill equipped if this virus were to spread throughout school systems. Both entire schools systems in the US and individual schools do not want to be that school in this escalating issue.

But if a student were to get sick in the US I could see the school that this child attends taking the blame. Already, countless schools across the US have sent out warning emails stating that there could be a possibility of closures due to the coronavirus. All I know is that if schools start to close across entire regions in the US it is going to highlight many imperfections and vulnerabilities in our system.

With the second death of the coronavirus in the US (and at the same hospital) occurring today I could see this getting worse before it gets better. Already millions of Americans cannot afford to see a doctor so this avoidance of another bill to pay will not help the measures to help prevent the spread of this virus. So too will schools be exposed. This virus coming to the US will only show how unprepared we are. From an individual school to the federal level, this is something that will expose us.

Image by Jake Clark


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