Social Media Trends to Watch Out for in 2018- Yes, 2017 is almost over

Be sure to check these out to get ready for 2018

  1. Get serious about making your content and sites mobile friendly. It is way overdue. Now go get Sassy on that CSS.
  2. It’s video time. Increase that engagement with your audience with those 30–40 second videos. Nothing longer than that though, our attention spans are shot.
  3. Image recognition is becoming a reality on social media. Always add some sort of visual content on your posts.
  4. Individualized and personalized advertisements are coming. How charming…
  5. Taking user-generated content and consumer inputs more seriously.
  6. Ephemeral social media: just check to see how many views your story gets on Instagram and compare that to how many likes your posted content gets. Now this isn’t a reality for all companies but it is becoming more common.
  7. More user feedback needed. Comment sections, ratings, a place for the consumers to add their 2 cents. Can have it’s downsides but great for engagement.


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