The Top Education Publications on Medium

Based on topics and growth of publication

I used Top Publications list to sort through the fastest growing publication on Medium. I wanted to concentrate on those publications that are still experiencing growth (not entirely inactive).

Below are 3 publications that highlight different ways of learning and give a voice to educators, students, and really anyone wanting to share ideas/concepts. They also help show that learning is done in and out of the classroom.

Startup Grind

This is an absolutely massive publication with over 430,000 followers. It focuses on sharing ideas and processes that startup entrepreneurs follow. Definitely a valuable source of information for students both in and out of the classroom. I think this publication does a great job of highlighting real world experiences — both the success stories and failures that entrepreneurs go through. I actually think they could start a pretty successful YouTube channel if they have the time.

Age of Awareness

Age of Awareness is much smaller than the Startup Grind. It does a good job of highlighting teacher and student experiences. It also helps show us that learning is a continuous process — not just something that happens inside classroom walls. This publication is working to bring positive changes to the ways we learn.

Student Voices

This publication is not as active as it used to be but it is still home to many great articles. It helps connect students to the outside world. It seemed to have done a great job on including many students and teachers in the conversation — holding true to its name. It helps highlight many of the issues students face that are often ignored or not talked about.

There are several other publications on Medium that touch upon learning in some way but are not focused on it. Also, there are many that are no longer active (but remember they still have a great archive of works). I am hoping that more students and teachers discover Medium in the future and use it as a platform to both express their concerns and to highlight their successes.

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