Top News Stories of the Decade that the MSM Ignored

Interesting to look back at this decade

“Woman Placing Her Finger Between Her Lips” by Kat Jayne on
  • Panama Papers and the Murder of the Whistleblower
  • The Quiet Imprisonment of Chelsea Manning
  • The Silencing of Julian Assange and Discrediting Wikileaks
  • The Murder of Jeffrey Epstein
  • The International Peadophile Ring Involving Elites from All Over the World
  • Data Collection on All Citizens
  • Standing Rock Protest
  • Genocide in West Papua
  • Israeli Land Grabs
  • The Roll of the US in suppressing opposition in Central and South American Countries
  • The DNC Rigging the Primaries Against Bernie Sanders
  • Secret CIA Torture Prisons
  • The Looting of Bolivia’s Lithium
  • Staged Chemical Attacks in Syria
  • Amazon Having Direct Ties to US Spy Agencies
  • The Raping and Pillaging of Haiti
  • The Stealing of Water by Major Corporations
  • The Murders of Environmental Activists in Central and South America
  • The Murder of Serena Shim
  • The Pentagon Not Being Able to Account for $10 Trillion

Have fun researching!

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