Update: Millions Have Lost Trust in Facebook and Have Left for Other Sites/Facebook is working to suppress any mention of this site on their news feeds.

The site is minds.com and millions of users are switching over.

“Minds (Minds, Inc.) is a free and open source social networking platform that rewards you for your activity online with revenue, digital currency and more views on your content. We are built on a foundation of freedom, privacy and democratization.”

*Update 2/2/2020

Now, celebrities and other influencers are deciding to leave Facebook. They do not trust the facial recognition systems in place and they do not trust the data collection on Facebook’s end. As of recently, Facebook just lost billions of dollars as they lost their case for this facial recognition technology but many still feel this will not be enough to stop them.

Also, Minds (listed below) has not exactly taken off either. A large influx of right wing radicals have pushed their way into the site and not control a large part of the platform.

ICYMI: the suppression and censorship of many independent news outlets has been ramped up as of recently. Many independent sites (such as ZeroHedge, PressTV, many Venezuelan and Iranian sites) and pages have been shut down both on Twitter and Facebook.


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